camarones a la diabla

Ingredients (serves 4):

shrimp (400g, or just about one pound, of medium size shrimp)
tomatoes (two big, round ones)
bell pepper (one, any color)
chile serrano (one)
cilantro (five branches)
canned chipotle (only need two chiles from the can. “Del Monte” is a popular brand where I’m living, if you want a recommendation.)
black pepper
cumin (just enough for one sprinkle)
lemon (a small one)
onion (white, 1/2 of a medium size one)
garlic (one single clove)
olive oil
butter (or lard, if you really want to go fully authentic)


1. Make the sauce:

In a frying pan, put 1 tbs olive oil and preheat.

Cut the two tomatoes each into quarters, so you now have eight pieces, total.

Cut the 1/2 onion you have in half, so you now have two 1/4 pieces.

Roast just one 1/4 piece of onion and all eight tomato pieces in the pan.

Once roasted, put them in a blender along with the two chipotle chiles, the one serrano chile, the one garlic clove, the cilantro, and add 1/2 cup of water to the mixture, and then blend it. Now you’ve got your sauce!

2. Make the garnish:

Peel and devain the shrimp.

Thinly slice the bell pepper and the remaining 1/4 piece of onion.

Using the same pan as before, add some butter (or lard) and toast the onions until they start acquiring that golden color.

With the onions still toasting, add in the bell pepper slices and toast them until they start becoming soft, but before they do turn soft, add the shrimp to this pan mixture.

Stir everything and make sure nothing gets burnt or even crispy; you don’t want crispy: just cooked.

Before the shrimp are fully cooked, stir in the sauce and let it boil.

3. Provecho!

You can serve it on a bed of rice, or mix it with pinto beans and Mexican rice on the same plate–delicious!

croquetas de apio



– 1 taza de apio
– 1 taza de queso rallado
– 1 y 1/2 taza de salsa blanca
– pan rallado (cantidad necesaria)
– 1 huevo
– aceite
– manteca
– sal y pimienta
– nuez moscada


En la manteca cocinar el apio, agregarle la salsa blanca junto con el queso, condimentar y mezclar. Se vierte en una fuente enmantecada y se deja enfriar. Luego formar croquetas, primero se pasa por pan rallado, luego por huevo batido y vuelvo a pasar por pan rallado. Y por último freírlas en abundante aceite caliente hasta que se doren.

(la saqué de